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Chocolate is changing. Say hello to the new taste of CHOCOLATE

Chocolate. We love the stuff, yet we have very little understanding of where this important food comes from or how it’s made. The craft chocolate movement is working to change all of that, educating chocolate consumers about where chocolate begins and how proper treatment of a raw product can deliver exceptionally different and delicious results. This rapidly-expanding culture shift in chocolate is moving away from industrialized chocolate to something smaller-scale and people are beginning to take notice of the nuanced flavors being brought to the chocolate scene by micro-batch, artisanal chocolate crafters.

​Craft chocolate is making a difference in the world, creating a better marketplace for cacao farmers (craft chocolate makers pay HUGE premiums for fine quality cacao) and a way for consumers to access ethically-produced chocolate. This chocolate that tastes good - AND does good - is our passion and the reason for starting our business, ɡo͝od chocolate.